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Kumera Gearbox Repair

Phone: +47 952 46 460
Email: [email protected]

Propeller systems:
Phone: +47 71 20 29 00
Email: [email protected]
Urgent matters (24/7): +47 900 53418

Emergency Service
Emergency Service
Emergency Service

Kumera Gearbox Repair, Retrofit, Upgrade and Service

Kumera Power Transmission Group has effective and global Kumera Service Center Network, which include manufacturing facilities to carry out gear technological tasks.Therefore Kumera Service Center handles practically all brands of marine gearboxes. This includes repair, trouble shooting, if not obvious, and analysis of causes, until finding the root cause. Normally all brands can be highly upgraded since structure changes in bearing arrangement and lubrication systems are often possible to be included. In addition to that there is possibility to provide the gearbox with cooling system to allow higher loading and torque.

Kumera Service Concept for Gearbox Repair

The Kumera Service Concept covers not only all conventional measures but also regular visit on-board and remote control through Kumera Guard Gear Maintenance System so that inspection and related reporting is well taken care of. Kumera Service has the most effective spare parts ordering system which is under Kumera Power-Plaza. The service enables the customer to pick up right spare part from Bill of Materials by giving only the identification number of the specific gearbox.

The spare parts of standard gearboxes are normally kept on stock for immediate delivery. 

The shipment of spare parts or components will take place from stock or as quickly as it is possible in each single case.

Kumera After Sales takes care of its power transmissions with high responsibility and professional way in all its manufacturing plants and Kumera Service Center Network.

Kumera Service Concept for Gearbox Repair


Kumera Service provides world-wide repair, service and maintenance for industrial and marine gearboxes for all brands and manufacturers.

  • Our service minded team provides you with parts, engineering skills and technical advice
  • Being part of your preventative maintenance ensuring optimal operation of the gears by regular inspections and planned service
  • Serving a wide range of industries world-wide
  • Having a well-stocked spare-parts department of original parts. Utilising air-freight from our nearby feeder airport to ensure fast deliveries to any location in the world

Our services include

  • Emergency repairs world-wide
  • Service contracts
  • Condition analysis/monitoring and preventive maintenance by help of endoscopy, vibration analysis and thermography.
  • Laser alignment
  • Overhauls
  • Modernizations and replacements
  • Assembly of gear services
  • Design and development
  • Training
  • Consulting services

Benefits of the Kumera Service Concept for Industrial Gearbox Repair

  • Kumera Corporation has over many decades of experience in manufacturing, servicing and repairing of marine gearboxes
  • Global service network for marine gearbox repair to deliver high-quality services promptly
  • Availability to repair and service all types of marine gearboxes regardless of manufacturer
  • Manufacturing of special and customized spare part
  • High-quality manufacturing processes for geared parts
  • Qualified team of experts and consulting helpline at your service 24/7