Marine Gearbox Applications

Kumera has a long and succesfull history in the marine gearboxes business. Our main products have been the Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) gearboxes, where a hydraulic actuator built into the gearbox will control the pitch of the propeller through a push rod, positioned inside the propeller shaft.

Also the hybrid propulsion solutions are a major part of the current business. For such systems, the propulsion gearbox has two input/drive shafts, allowing the combination of different power sources, such as diesel engines, electric motors and gas engines to propel the vessel. The two power sources can be used individually, or in combination (boost), resulting in a number of different propulsion modes. Combining such gearboxes with e.g. batteries, environmentally friendly, low fuel consumption solutions can be found.

A propulsion gearbox is traditionally positioned aft of a diesel engine, reducing the rpm of the engine, typically with a ratio of 2:1 to 6:1, i.e. reducing the rpm of the propeller to half to 1/6 of the diesel engine rpm.

Kumera also develops and manufactures customized gearboxes, both for traditional propellers, azimuth drives, bow thrusters, and other special configurations. Kindly see our Applications - list on the left for further details.