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Kumera - Front-end Gearboxes

Kumera has designed and manufactured thousands of front-end gearboxes to the maritime segment over the last 50 years, historically also under the brand name Norgear.

With an extensive standard range of front-end gearboxes available we can offer a solution for most applications at competitive prices.

Kumera front-end gearboxes are often used to drive several auxiliary systems per gearbox. The vessels also often mounted with an external firefighting system.

Kumera - Front-end Gearboxes
Kumera - Front-end Gearboxes

Tailor-made or customized gearboxes may also be designed and manufactured to meet the vessels requirements.

Kumera Marine Division has more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of gearboxes. There are more than 7.500 gearboxes currently in operation globally in the toughest marine conditions. 

Kumera - Front-end Gearboxes

Front-end gearbox product codes:

  • FV: vertical shaft offset
  • FG: horizontal shaft offset
  • FVC: vertical shaft offset with integrated clutch
  • FGC: horizontal shaft offset with integrated clutch
  • FVIC / FGIC: gearboxes with integrated clutch and integrated pump for FiFi

In addition, the products code will contain a number indicating the centre distance between the in and out shafts.

Kumera also delivers a range of clutch units, i.e. gearboxes with an integrated hydraulic clutch, and transmission ratio of 1:1.

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  • High efficiency – Minimizing power loss and saving energy
  • Modular structure – The ability of adding additional equipment and variety of mounting arrangements
  • Several gearbox sizes and wide range of ratios – Guarantees optimal gearbox size
  • Flexible product structure - Easy to customize for the customer needs

After Sales Services

  • Start-up and installation services
  • Maintenance services
  • Regular inspection visits
  • Maintenance consulting services