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Kumera - Customized Propulsion Gearboxes

Kumera offers a wide range of standard gearboxes. The standard gearboxes may also be customized according to special requirements.

Utilizing a modular design-base a customized gearbox can be developed with a limited amount of work and high functionality.

Customized gearboxes will be tailored to the specific vessel’s operational profile and tasks, supporting the required performance at low operational cost. Please see below for some different cases:

Kumera - Tug hybrid propulsion gearbox

For the tug BB-Power a 4MW gearbox with two driving shafts was manufactured. The design was based for a vessel concept developed by the ship owner Bukser & Berging. Each gearbox is driven by two diesel engines, a small and a large one. The engines can be used separately or simultaneously for boost effect. This helps optimizing the engine running conditions vs. the specific vessel operation. The gearbox also has a two-speed capability, i.e. two built in transmission ratios between engines and propeller. This will allow efficient operation in different modes such as transit and bollard pull.

Kumera - Customized Propulsion Gearboxes
Kumera - Customized Propulsion Gearboxes

Kumera – Small Water Area Twin Hull (SWATH) propulsion gearboxes

For a Small Water Area Twin Hull (SWATH) vessel built in Taiwan, Kumera has developed a gearbox configuration for the propulsion line, utilizing two bevelgearboxes per propulsion line. This is a cost effective design, based on our excellent experience with bevel gearboxes, fitting perfectly into the slender hulls of the SWATH concept.

Kumera - Customized Propulsion Gearboxes

Tresfjord LNG ferry

The ferry Tresfjord, owned by Fjord 1, was re-powered to integrate LNG based propulsion, in addition to the original diesel propulsion. Kumera supplied an intermediate gearbox in-order-to allow the integration of the added LNG system.

Kumera - Customized Propulsion Gearboxes


  • High efficiency – Minimizing power loss and saving energy
  • Modular structure – The ability of adding additional equipment and variety of mounting arrangements
  • Several gearbox sizes and wide range of ratios – Guarantees optimal gearbox size
  • Flexible product structure - Easy to customize for the customer needs

After Sales Services

  • Start-up and installation services
  • Maintenance services
  • Regular inspection visits
  • Maintenance consulting services

Please send more information regarding the selection of a suitable gearbox for your vessel