Tyco and Kumera join forces within FiFi

Tyco Marine Solutions and Kumera join forces within external firefighting - join us at Hall A4 – Booth 107 at SMM


Tyco, a market leader in the $100 billion global fire protection and security solutions industries, has entered the maritime external firefighting market (FiFi). Their selected partner for delivering gearboxes and pumps is Kumera, the leading Norwegian supplier to the maritime segment over the last 50 years. To many, Kumera’s gearbox range is also known under the brand name Norgear.


Throughout the fire protection and security industries, Tyco is globally recognized as the leading supplier of integrated solutions, protecting and safeguarding people and property. Tyco Marine Solutions is now offering their experience and expertise to the maritime external firefighting market (FiFi). With high quality components, state-of-the-art control systems, and world-class design expertise, Tyco Marine Solutions deliver an optimum, cost-effective FiFi system to any vessel and FiFi class. With their extensive range of products and services already offered to their maritime customers, the FiFi system will be effectively included in a larger delivery, simplifying contract management and lowering risk and cost for customers. Throughout the lifespan of the vessel, Tyco’s global service network will be there to support operation, 24/7.


To support their FiFi initiative, Tyco Marine Solutions has selected Kumera as exclusive supplier of gearboxes and pumps. Kumera has delivered their extensive range of front-end gearboxes to the FiFi market for decades, with more than 7,500 gearboxes in operation today, the majority of these driving FiFi pumps. By selecting Kumera to deliver FiFi pumps, the shipyard will receive a fully assembled, tested and certified gearbox/pump unit, ready for installation on the ship, without any alignment issues between gearbox and pump. These advantages will be quite evident from the picture below, showing the newly developed FVIC-275 gearbox, with an integrated FiFi-1 pump. This gearbox/pump unit is extremely compact and cost effective, and can also be used in FiFi-½ systems.



However, it must be underlined, that Kumera’ s extensive range of front-end gearboxes is also very well-suited to multiple-PTO installations, where other auxiliary systems can be powered by the gearbox, together with the FiFi pump. Typical applications powered are hydraulics, generators, compressors, etc., with the customer option of including built-in hydraulic clutch on all, some, or none of these other PTOs.


Join us at Hall A4 – Booth 107 at SMM and let us show you what the strong combination of Tyco Marine Services and Kumera can offer – both companies are present at the booth: Combined excellence to fight fire!







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