Success at Tugnology and Nor-Shipping

Tugnology and Nor-shipping are excellent arenas for meeting exciting participants, building important relations and exploring the future of the maritime world. Both events were successful, providing important market input and opening new business opportunities for Kumera Norgear.

Tugnology 2015

Kumera Norgear participated at the Tugnology event in London, 19-20 may. With a record of 373 registered delegates from 37 countries all across the globe, Tugnology 2015 was the most successful to date. Papers provided interesting subjects to discuss, ranging from gas and electric powered tugs, antifouling on harbour vessels and important developments, to innovative design and crew comfort.

Sales and Marketing Manager at Kumera Norgear, Mente Baak, was one of the presenters at this year’s event. His presentation described how traditional mechanical solutions can be used in the pursuit of reduced emissions. Mr. Baak focused on Kumera Norgears’ development of a 2-step mechanical transmission, KN 2E4D6C-2500, for main propulsion, meeting both environmental and market requirements.

Nor-Shipping 2015

Kumera Norgear participated at the Nor-Shipping event in Oslo, 02-05 June, for the first time located in the propulsion hall. Nor-Shipping is the leading and longest-running maritime event, with high quality conferences and prime networking opportunities. As previous years, the event attracted the international maritime industry to Oslo to explore the future of the maritime world.

–Both Tugnology and Nor-Shipping were a success. We got to meet with important participants, discussing interesting topics, and we received valuable insight into the challenges and possibilities of today’s maritime industry. It’s important to be present at these arenas, meeting with the decision makers and operators in the market, listening to their requirements and needs. We receive important input that we process and use in our continuous development of products and applications. In this way, we are able to provide the best solutions for our customers, says Anders Enge, Technical Tender Manager in Kumera Norgear.  





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