Local support opens for new opportunities in the Netherlands

Kumera Norgear produces a wide range of transmissions for marine, offshore and subsea applications, including marine propulsion (including hybrid solutions), external fire-fighting and dredging applications. In addition, Kumera offers in-house or on-site service. In order to cover all of these markets, it is crucial to collaborate with agents, each with specific strengths within these industry areas. With this structure, we believe we can offer the very best service to our customers in the diverse marine market in The Netherlands

Dutch shipbuilding and Dutch shipping have a long history. Now yards and ship owners are working worldwide in many market areas. Dutch shipbuilding export deliveries are dominated by dredging equipment, offshore vessels, workboats and tugs, and in addition, Dutch yards produce a wide variety of other specialized vessels. These range from workboats, pilot tenders, short sea cargo vessels and large inland cargo vessels, to river cruise vessels and super yachts.

Innovation and development

These partnerships are also important for the development of new and innovative products and solutions. With local market knowledge provided by our network of agents, we get to know the market challenges, demands and needs in all corners of the world. With this knowledge, we are better equipped for creating solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

“Kumera has a strong network of professional service providers in the Netherlands. Partnerships like these are truly beneficial, utilizing local market knowledge, as well as offering customers local sales and support”, says Mr. Mente Baak, Sales and Marketing Manager Kumera Norgear.


HS Equipment BV

HS Equipment BV was recently appointed as regional Sales and Support hub for Kumera Norgear, focusing on the auxiliary gearbox product range (typically Fire Fighting drives) for mainly the Tug and Workboat sector within The Netherlands and Belgium. Working closely together with the Kumera Norgear Sales and engineering Team, HS Equipment will secure standard, as well as tailored auxiliary gearbox solutions for customers, and provide Kumera with local presence in the Dutch marine industry.


De Graaf

De Graaf Aandrijvingen has a long history and in-depth experience in the Oil & Gas, Marine and Offshore markets. Working closely with leading manufacturers of offshore constructions, propulsion systems, cranes, pumps, as well as ship & vessel builders, they are able to provide customized drive solutions as total systems, and supply a complete package of oil systems, brakes, clutches and couplings, pinions, etc.

“We highly appreciate the open and professional relationship we have with our suppliers, who we work closely together with to develop new products and customized solutions. One of our objectives is to further develop the market for Hybrid Propulsion Systems in the Netherlands, together with Kumera Norgear”, says drs. Ing. Eddo Cammeraat, MD De Graaf.


Boone BV 

Boone BV is an engineering and service company, and one of Kumera’s agents in the Netherlands. 

Boone has been offering Kumera gearboxes to the land based industry for many years. Now, Boone will also be an agent for Kumera Norgear to especially service the dredging sector in the region. With their specialty in dredging and on-site service capabilities, they will be covering a key segment within the Dutch shipbuilding market with Kumera Norgear products.



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