Kumera attended the Electric & Hybrid conference


July 2014

Kumera attended the Electric & Hybrid conference




Kumera attended this year’s Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo, the international exhibition of electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems, technologies and components. The event took place in Amsterdam from 24-26 June, supported by associated publication Electric and Hybrid Marine Technology International magazine.

During the conference, Kumera’s MD, Mr. Per Arne Haug gave a paper with the title “Meeting impending environmental regulations with mechanical-based systems as an alternative to hybrid gears”



 The presentation described an alternative mechanical solution for meeting  the 2015 NOx Sox IMO emission regulations. Central to the system and  operations prescribed to meet the regulations is a two-step main  propulsion gear from Kumera AS. The essence of the vessel systems is  that the owner has prescribed a number of operational modes. The  operational modes may be met by setting the rpm of the main engines as  well as varying the rpm of the Kumera gear with engaging one of the two  gear steps. The operation modes are defined based on the vessel’s  propeller curve.



The key technical feature of such a power train is to run the engines at the most efficient rpm at the different operating modes. In contradiction to most ships, AHT and Harbour Tugs have many more operating modes with a wide range of power usage. This makes the mechanical hybrid solution so interesting.






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