Kumera 50 years: focus on markets and products

High quality products and tailor-made solutions have been our top priority since the very beginning and our roots date back almost 100 years. For the past 50 years, Kumera Norgear has produced specialised products for niche markets, gradually focusing on mechanical power transmissions for the marine, offshore and subsea market. Today, Kumera Norgear continues to invest in the development of innovative solutions, meeting both environmental and market requirements and needs.

In the 1960’s, the main objective of the business was to produce gears, transmission equipment and related machine elements for most industries. The first and most important product was Norgear’s jack for use in the aluminum industry. Gradually, Norgear started to produce gear units for snow blowers, mostly used at airports and today, you will still find Norgear units in snow blowers at airports in Norway and internationally.

In line with a growing maritime market, Norgear’s focus gradually shifted towards the marine industry and fishing boats, with the production of power transmissions for winches, thrusters, power blocks, etc. – and the orders kept on coming.

Focus on tailor-made solutions
From the very beginning, Norgear produced special products for various areas and purposes. The “Sentralgear” was first produced by Tandhjulfabrikken in the mid 1960’s, before it became a part of the production line of Norgear. This product made Kumera Norgear market leader for over a decade, starting in 1997. The gear units were made for the operation of hydraulic pumps, as a power source for deck machines and side propellers, and were mainly produced for Norwegian fishing boats.

Norgear also had separate divisions for production of specialised products outside the company. As a result, Norgear were able to offer customers all kinds of transmission elements in the field of «transmission technique». Today, Kumera Norgear produces tailor-made power transmissions for marine, offshore and subsea.

Today’s market and innovative developments

Kumera Norgear invests in the development of innovative solutions, while working closely with important partners in the industry. We offer a wide range of mechanical power transmissions within the propulsion and auxiliary segment, included hybrid propulsion technology, and our all-new 1100 multi-shaft auxiliary gearbox. Producing high quality products and tailor-made solutions has and always will be the main priority for Kumera Norgear.




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