Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam

Kumera Norgear will participate at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam, 23-25 June 2015, located at exhibition stand nr. 2120. Sales and Marketing Manager at Kumera Norgear, Mente Baak, is one of the presenters at this years’ event. His presentation will look at how traditional mechanical solutions can be used in the pursuit of reduced emissions.

In his paper, Mente Baak will focus on Kumera Norgear’s development of a 2-step mechanical transmission, KN 2E4D6C-2500, for main propulsion. The gear solution is specially designed for AHT, tugs and workboats, with significantly varying operational modes and three power take-offs. Due to the prototype character of the new innovation, FAT break-testing was defined for the new development.

–The aim for lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses pushes the marine industry for new innovations. Utilizing our know-how from main propulsion technology and auxiliary PTO gear technology, Kumera Norgear has defined the Kumera Norgear Hybrid Concept, says Mente Baak.

For a tug, the low power modes are dominant. Significantly increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions can be achieved by optimizing engine operations:

- By varying engine speed,

- By utilizing a 2-step main propulsion mechanical transmission,

- By split main propulsion mechanical transmission for DP and propulsion,

The Kumera Norgear Hybrid Concept in principle replaces one of the ship’s diesel prime motors, with a PTI/PTO electrical motor/generator.

The project is executed by Kumera Norgear, in close cooperation with Buksér og Berging, as partner in the development of the gear solution.

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is an international event and a meeting point for shipping professionals, builders, engine manufacturers, shipowners and operators. If you are looking for clean, efficient electric and/or hybrid propulsion systems, this is the place to visit. The event has shown that it can drive both business relationships and key elements in the development of the industry. 


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