2-Stroke Solutions

With more than 5000 Kumera gearboxes in daily operation onboard vessels worldwide, Kumera has a leading position as supplier of semi-tailored customized transmissions.

To meet the increased demand for efficient power supply from 2-stroke engines, Kumera has launched a new series of front-end PTO gearboxes for shaft generators.
While steaming, great fuel savings & reduced emissions can be achieved by running a shaft generator from the main engine, keeping the gen sets in stand-by mode only.

The gearbox is available in various ranges of ratio and power. You may choose shaft offset and center distance from our helical range, i.e. horizontal, vertical or horizontal in parallel to the engine. Space saving bevel gear units for right angle mounted shaft generator is also available.

Kumera has now performed deliveries for various vessels, both as retro-fit and new installations, e.g.; NORGEAR 2FG-2400 for the juice tanker ORANGE SUN, (Retrofit), NORGEAR 2FG-2000 for new buildings of four Asphalt carriers, and NORGEAR 2FGV-600/500 for one new vessel in Turkey.


Please contact us at sales@kumera.no for more information.

Pressrelease March 1st, 2012



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