Maintenance Tips

We recommend that the Maintenance Manual belonging to the particular gear unit is read carefully. The following guide is to be considered as general advise, and may vary from gear to gear.

Oil change

The oil in the gearbox must be changed after approximately the first 300 hours of operation and thereafter at each 5000 hours or annually.

Oil analysis

Regular monitoring of the oil condition must be carried out every 3 months by sample analysis.

Oil filter

The oil filter cartridge must be changed at each oil change. Also replace the cartridge if the mechanical indicator shows that it is necessary. The cartridge is a disposable design, do not try to wash it.

Oil cooler

Check the appearance of the oil in the gearbox at regular basis. A greyish colour indicates that the oil has become contaminated with water. The oil must then be changed immediately and the filter cartridge renewed.

A leaking oil cooler may cause the trouble. The cooler must be removed from the gearbox and checked. To check the tightness between the oil and water sections one of the sections should be pressurised with compressed air to a maximum pressure of 10 bar.

A leaking oil cooler may also cause a flow of oil into the water section should the oil pressure exceed the water pressure. The result is of course, loss of oil from the gearbox. Again it is necessary to check the tightness as described above.

If pressure testing reveals a leakage, the cooler should be dismantled and thoroughly inspected. If both the tube stack and the end covers are badly corroded, the whole cooler must be replaced. If the tube stack is acceptable and the end covers defective, it may be sufficient to change the end covers only.

An orifice ring must be fitted to control the water flow within the design limits and recommended flow of the cooler mounted on the particular gear. It is recommended to mount this on the outlet side of the cooler. The max flow limits must under no circumstances be exceeded.

Pump couplings / spline sleeves

Pump couplings should be inspected once a year and re-greased if necessary with an NLGI 2 grease with long fibres.



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