Installation Tips

Adjustable units (i.e. pressure limiting valves and lubrication control valves) have been set for the specified pressure and oil flows during the Works test.

The gearbox seating should have a machined top surface and machined supporting chocks should be used. “Chock fast” or other approved resin compounds or other universal adjustable chock elements intended for marine equipment may be used if accepted by the surveyor.

To simplify the alignment, the bearers are provided with threaded boltholes for jacking screws at each corner.
When a flexible coupling is fitted, alignment must be within the limits set by the coupling manufacturer.
If the driven equipment is mounted to the gearbox by a spigoted flange, the correct alignment is ensured by our machining tolerances.

No axial loads are allowed on input or output shafts.

Installation also includes connection of cooling water supply to the oil cooler. When installing a sea water cooling system it is required to install a good filtration system ensuring not to clog the oil cooler. In addition installation includes electrical power to the clutch control solenoid valve.

The total oil charge is contained within the gear case. Oil filling and breathing connections are provided.



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