Industrial Drives

Kumera products are supplied to thousands of demanding applications covering most of the Industrial market.

Please see our product portal power-plaza.com to search standard gear units and customized solutions for details.

We are working on constant product improvement in close collaboration with our customers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end-users. Our experience covers many industries, for example:

1. Pulp & paper industry
2. Mining and metallurgical industry
3. Materials handling
4. Environmental protection
5. Marine and offshore industry
6. Energy production
7. Other applications



Kumera Drives Oy and Kumera AS are members of the Kumera Corporation.

The former specialises in the manufacture of industrial mechanical power transmissions for onshore applications.

The Design and Applications team has been particularly successful with ”tailor made” solutions for specific mechanical transmission requirements of customers, worldwide.

An essential requirement for any production process is the reliability and usability of the plant. Mechanical drive units are important components of a production line. A failure in a drive unit will cause immediate problems in loss of production. This is a major consideration for Kumera. Being a manufacturer of power transmission equipment, Kumera has actively developed its standard gear units to meet these needs and in co-operation with customers, drive units for their products and customised gear units for new applications.

Kumera AS can offer jacks for the aluminium industry.



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